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Storm is a cloud made by GPPD started in 2015 with scientific ambit, focused on projects to research streaming environments and applications related. Professor Dr. Cláudio Geyer is the coordinator of GPPD in Big Data division and responsible to mantain Storm.


The cloud Storm is a heterogeneous pool of resources composed by a variety of machines as follows:

  • [8] Desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M57p (Core2Duo E6750, 2GBytes of RAM, 1TByte of 7.200RPM disk)
  • [2] Desktop Dell Vostro 270s (Core i5 3740s, 8GBytes of RAM, 2TBytes of 7.200RPM and 5.400RPM disk)
  • [1] Desktop Dell Precision 690 (Dual Xeon 5130, 4GBytes of RAM, 4TBytes of 7.200RPM disk)
  • Sum of resources: 28 physical cores, 36GBytes of RAM, 16TBytes of disk.

Storm running in your base MAAS (Metal As A Service) service that manage all resource available. Software are virtualized by using of Juju and OpenStack.

Offered Services

In the future.

How to Obtain Gradep Access

The Storm access needs to be done with a user previously registered followed by password, it means that a user request is wanted to grant the credentials. The request of user and credentials needs to be done by Email to Raffael Schemmer characterizing the reasons of use.

Storm Tutorials and User Operation Procedure


In the future.


In the future.


MAAS Portal Access


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