The Impact Failure Detector

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Abstract: This technical report presents a new and flexible unreliable failure detector, denoted Impact Failure Detector (FD), whose output gives the trust level of a set of processes. By expressing the relevance of each node by an impact factor value as well as an acceptable margin of failure in the system, the Impact FD enables the user to tune the failure detection configuration in accordance with the requirements of the application: in some scenarios, the failure of low impact or redundant nodes does not jeopardize the confidence in the system, while the crash resulting from a high impact factor may seriously affect it. Either a softer or stricter monitoring is thus possible.

Key-words: unreliable failure detector, impact factor, trust level, flexibility, node redundancy, fault tolerance.

Authors: Anubis G. M. Rossetto, Luciana Arantes , Pierre Sens, Cláudio F. R. Geyer

Type: Technical Report.

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