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The significantly increase of desktops' computing power and their popularity offer conditions to their aggregation, even geographically separated, in order to build a computing Grid. However, for it to work properly, it is necessary to deal with some problems. Moreover, with a crescent amout of data generated several companies are working in research related to BigData and ways to deal with it. With this in mind, GPPD is working in research to develop new knowledges and methods to surpass the challenges.

Working in progress

Master dissertations and Phd thesis concluded

  • Julio Anjos -
  • Maycon Bordin -
  • Andre Tibola -


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  • ANJOS, JULIO C. S. ; BORDIN, M. ; TIBOLA, A. L. ; KOLBERG, WAGNER ; GEYER, C. F. R. . Computação Intensiva em Dados, Implementações e Experimentos na GridRS. Escola Regional de Alto Desempenho (ERAD), v. 1, p. 4-27, 2014.



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